Who we are

I have pastored various churches over the past 20 years. My greatest joy has been to start CrossView. We believe that a church is more than a building or a name. It is a people seeking God. It is a family of faith that elevates love for God and for one another. It is a group of Christ-followers united to accomplish the Great Commission. That is our goal.

Every church has tradition and challenges to contend with. At CrossView we are trying to launch with a fresh biblical start. I know that may sound prideful, but we really do want Jesus to be Lord and for His love to reign in our lives.


Let me summarize who we are at Crossview. We are a people with a view toward the C.R.O.S.S.


C = a view toward CHRIST

Jesus is everything. He is our Savior and Lord. He is God in flesh. He is the subject of our worship, the source of our strength, and the song of our lives. Our desire is to exalt Jesus in all we do and to make Him known in the world.


R = a view toward REDEMPTION

Redemption is what the Cross is all about. Jesus invaded humanity to purchase redemption for mankind. We could do nothing to earn or deserve it. Jesus died in our place to pay the price for us to receive eternal life. In all we do our goal is to join God in His redemptive mission in the world. This is why we especially love children and teenagers. Most people who surrender to Jesus as Savior and Lord do so before they leave adolescence. Thus, a focus on redemption demands a love for the youngest among us.


O = a view toward OTHERS

It is not about us. The Christian life was never meant to be about comfort and ease but about love. A love for God will show as a genuine love for others. Love is more than a fuzzy feeling. It is our willingness to sacrifice for God’s best in you. Love is more than words; it is shown in deeds. Love happens when we encounter hearts and lives where they are. Love serves. We want to minister to people and serve in our community. We want to elevate others above ourselves with encouraging words and helpful actions.


S = a view toward SCRIPTURE

God’s Word, the Scriptures, are our only objective standard for faith and practice. Everyone has thoughts and opinions, but God’s Word never changes. Through Scripture God reveals Himself and shows us how to live. In all we do as a church or as Christ-followers, we strive to submit ourselves to what God says not to what we think or feel. This is our faith commitment: that God’s way is the best way every time.


S = a view toward God’s SPIRIT

We cannot live this Christian life in our own power any more than we could gain it by our merit. The Christian life is empowered by a supernatural God through His Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit indwells each believer. He convicts us of sin, empowers us for life, and comforts our hurt. He directs our path and gives us words to speak. We don’t live by rules as much as by the power and direction of God’s Spirit living in us.