Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect: We have a casual worship format. Our folks feel equally comfortable in slacks, blue jeans, or a dress. We are not as concerned with what you wear as that you are here. The last thing we want to do is put an artificial barrier between anyone and God. Also, we won't embarrass you. While we do want to get to know you, we would never do anything to single you out. Our music is what we call blended. That means our songs may include hymns, contemporary, southern gospel, or anthem music. Our praise team strives to lead us in music that enables us to sing along and that inspires us to worship God.

Students: We love our babies, preschoolers, children, and teenagers. We are blessed by God to get to minister to these precious souls. At all of our services during the week, we have activities and Bible teaching for all age groups. For our Youth, Brandon Hall is our Youth Pastor. We have a group of dedicated leaders for our children as well. Our goal it so engage them in spiritual, relational, and enjoyable activities. We also provide a safe and comfortable environment for our preschoolers and nursery.

How to Join: We have a four-phased process for joining. First, we want our pastor to meet with you. We do this to allow him to get to know you and discuss spiritual matters. Second, we ask everyone to be a part of a membership class that we call Discover CrossView. The class has four parts, but we typically are able to go through everything on a single evening. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for you to know who we are and what we are about so you can have a better idea of what you would be becoming a part of. We will discuss how we started as a church, what we believe, what our goal is, and why how we are trying to accomplish it. Questions and interaction are welcome. Third, we ask folks to read a short book that we will give to you. It is called I Am A Church Member by Thom Rainer. Most people can finish the book in thirty minutes and say they wish they had read it years ago. Fourth, we ask each person desiring to join to sign a church covenant. The covenant is basically Scripture. We ask them to the best of their ability to abide by it. We use the honor system, as this is between you and God.

What we believe: We believe the Bible from cover to cover. It is not so much what we think is right, but about determining what God says is true and submitting ourselves to it. For simplicity's sake, we ascribe to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.